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I create exciting art experiences in the context of gallery space or as an art intervention in public spaces. 

What matters to me is transformation, a shared experience, and an excuse to come closer.

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about: majka tkáčiková 

_born in Slovakia (Presov) // based in Spain (Barcelona). 

I was always naturally attracted to beauty. I enjoyed looking for it in people and objects, playing with it, reading it, putting it into pleasant compositions, and discovering hidden dialogues within it. From a small age, I was constantly rearranging spaces at home, searching for visual harmony, until it slowly became my profession.


I grew up in rural Slovakia and since the age of 18, I traveled around Europe driven by my curiosity for different cultures, perspectives, and ways of living. Chasing new experiences I studied, lived, and participated in various projects in the Czech Republic, Slovenia, England, Denmark, and finally Spain where I decided to create my base. Traveling and learning new languages drastically expanded my vision.


I think what attracts me the most is changing someone's perspective. Mine was changed through my travels, as a tool for changing other people's I use art.


Creating cultural collaboration excites me, especially through innovative projects that explore the conversation between different disciplines; that open multi-cultural or intergenerational dialogues; or the ones that convert unusual places into an immersive art experience.


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╱for artists

  • curation and art show direction

  • art installation design and set up

  • visual communication of projects (graphic design, campaigns)

  • artworks catalogue (documentation of the artworks, inventory, price consultancy, curation, editorial design)

╱for companies

  • curation of private / public places (residencies, homes, offices, restaurants, coworking, hotels, lobbies..)

  • art installation design / set up

  • project management (agenda, budget, invoicing, negotiation with suppliers, logistics)

  • creative direction 

opportunities to grow:

I'm looking for opportunities to assist and gain experience in the following sectors: 

  • ephemeral architecture

  • interactive installations

  • re-design of public spaces

Would you like to know more about my future projects?


Thanks for submitting!

Thanks for submitting!

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