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Ceramic sculpture
33 x 26 x 13 cm / 12,99 x 10,23 x 5,11 in
3,10 kg


The story: 

thoughts can be heavier than the body
dark ones come and go and come and go and sometimes stay way too long

here, the dark part is separable. it’s another entity that you can get rid of
observe it from the distance
gain perspective
take a rest

it is called ‘Weightless’ and it is a little reminder that embracing our darkness and anxieties is an essential part of discovering the strength of the LIGHT we cary. at least I think so 

my last year and half may have looked shiny on the social media but it was full of anxiety, full of ups (there were so many!) and full of deep deep downs

lately i feel good again, the universe is taking care of me, i’m taking care of me. my mind is healing and i’m talking to myself with more gentleness


1.000,00 €Price
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